Gull Lake, Minnesota; Day 7

Our last full day Madden’s for 2021 was full of banana taxi, pool time and cramming in some final in person conversations with family we don’t see often enough. It was a continued mixture of old traditions and new activities. Tonight all the Adventurers and cousin Alan played several rounds of the online game Among Us where everyone is playing the game together (and one is trying to do in the others, but I digress). It was fun and could get added to the itinerary for future years.

Some things have stayed the same.

A Golf Cart is the Best Ride (Young or Old)
Dinners are delicious but last two hours

There are lots of other families here, many with kids the age of ours when we first came in 2015. We thought for the last post we would share some pics through the years. (’15, ’17, ’19, ’21).

Thanks for another great year Madden’s – hope to see you again

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