Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 15

Today was the last day of Spanish immersion – we’ve done 40 hours over the last two weeks. Brian and Tiffany capped their course off with a presentation in front of the school.

Tiffany presenting in Espanol.

Afterwards we went out to dinner at a place up the street from the school. We’d walked by it several times and it had such a cool look that we finally had to go inside. It was a French Creperie and Cafe, not a typical Costa Rican menu but all the food was good and the atmosphere was very fun.

This was the last time we’ll be in downtown Liberia since we move on in a couple of days. Since the first day, Tiffany has been fascinated by a Liberia oddity but could never capture it on film to share with you here.

CreeperPuppy has been helping with the search and tonight at dinner he spotted (or more likely heard) the elusive curio. Turn up the volume to appreciate its glory.

It’s so loud!

This van (or lots of these vans, we’re not exactly sure) drive around town with the giant roof speakers blaring advertisements. At least we assume they are advertisements. The Spanish is too fast for our ears to catch very many words.

As far as we can tell, it goes on all day. Since most businesses are open air including our school, you can hear it pretty regularly just cruising past. The strangest thing for us is that everyone is used to it, they don’t even notice it going by while we are thrilled/annoyed/amused all at the same time.

The end of our Friday night was the finale of season 1 of Lego Masters and then some reading. We’ve got a weekend full of adventure ahead.

A good way to end the week

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