Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 16

We have been looking forward to today’s adventures for several days. This outing was our reward for finishing the Spanish language school after two long weeks. Today was also our last full day in Liberia. Tomorrow, we move on to la playa!

We awoke early and made it to our destination shortly after 9. Our first adventure was ziplining!

Fierce and Fearless Adventurers

There were 7 zip lines strung together crossing a deep gorge. They were all at least several hundred feet in length. The longest was over 1500 feet. Everyone felt secure doing it and got the hang of it pretty quickly. One hand for the harness rope and one hand on the wire to manage speed. The kids though didn’t really need to break speed as their body weight just got them to the other side.

After ziplining, we went for a canopy walk on the hanging bridges. This quarter mile path was between trees and elevated between 20 and 80 feet above the jungle floor.

As hard as we looked and as quiet as we could be, we saw no jungle animals. We saw many beautiful butterflies but the sloths and monkeys eluded us on this walk.

Afterwards, the kids were able to get to do what they had been most looking forward to.

The Jungle Waterslide!

This waterslide was over 1200 ft long and these kids loved it so much that they climbed up the hill three times to get rides.

Even mom had a blast on the monster Jungle slide.

After drying off, the 5 Adventurers helped an ox grind some sugarcane into a pulp. We all had a taste of the result and found that it tasted much like sugar water. We also sampled some local coffee and watched a man demonstrate traditional pottery making in Costa Rica. All of this before lunch!

After lunch, we all wanted to take a horseback ride down to the hot springs which are naturally warmed by the geothermal activity common in the area.

Riding to the Hot Springs
Cool Rain, Hot Springs

We had a fantastic time and the kids were very sad to leave this Eco Adventure Park but we assured them that we would continue to look for fun adventures just like this in the coming weeks!

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