Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 15

Today was the last day of Spanish immersion – we’ve done 40 hours over the last two weeks. Brian and Tiffany capped their course off with a presentation in front of the school. Afterwards we went out to dinner at a place up the street from the school. We’d walked by it several times andContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 15”

Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 14

Today we did something a little different. We went out for brunch and then did some shopping in the city before going to school. Brunch was at the Posada Real Cafe which was quite yummy. We’ve been asked several times if we’ve tried the traditional Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo Pinto but we had toContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 14”

Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 13

The Pan-American Highway runs for 24,140 kilometers (15,000 miles). Guinness World Records considers this to be the longest ‘motorable’ road on Earth. At the south it starts in Argentina and ends in northern Alaska. It’s been featured in at least two reality shows – The Kindness Diaries on Netflix (which is how we got introducedContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 13”

Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 11

This morning started with a breakfast of oatmeal with a little brown sugar and then a snack of apples with peanut-butter. While the kids read, Brian and Tiffany did some logistics for the next few weeks – booking some tours, etc. After being here for over a week we’ve gotten a better sense of howContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 11”

Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 1

The big day arrived!! After years of saving, months of planning, a global pandemic that still isn’t over, and 5000 miles in the car – we took our adventures international!  This was primarily a travel day. After a 6:15am wake up, sad little grab-and-go breakfast from the La Quinta, hotel shuttle, airport shuttle to theContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 1”