Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 6

By day six Brian and Tiffany had pretty much completed our modest beach/pool ‘to-do list’ so we decided today the kids could pick our adventures. What would they pick? Pool? Beach club? New beach? Repeat beach?

Turns out their choice was none of those. Early morning started with a classic card game of War that we finally called a draw when it got time for panqueques y huevos.

After breakfast it was time for an epic pillow fort – or at least as epic as you can create with the supplies in a resort condo. Reading in and around the fort took up the rest of the morning.

Pillow fort

After a late lunch, Mom and Dad saw a little sun breaking through the clouds so we headed to the pool with the kids quickly joining us. Happy hour was in full swing at the snack bar so it was some happy adventurers having margaritas and kids piña coladas. We even got a turn in the popular and socially distanced whirlpool (one family at a time). What a great afternoon!

Hanging at the whirlpool

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