Playa del Coco, Costa Rica; Day 7

Today was our last full day in this location and the kids were again in charge of the adventures.

It was a blue sky morning so they decided to head into town – back to the main beach in Playa del Coco and the place we went to on our second day in Costa Rica. Many parks in Costa Rica have outdoor exercise equipment and this beach is no exception. The first activity (for the kids) was a little elliptical, some stair steppers and some kind of running/swinging machine we’re not familiar with. They love it and refer to it as going to ‘the playground’. To be fair, most of the outdoor mini-gyms are co-located with kids’ play structures so they aren’t far off.

Next was straight in the ocean. Brian and Tiffany traded off jumping waves with the kids who never seem to tire. Eventually we got hungry and took advantage of a number of sidewalk vendors selling food to the Saturday crowds. We had chicken kabobs, plantain chips and fresh mango. Yum!

After lunch we decided to walk from the main drag down to the Beach Club for a final beach/pool/beach/pool adventure. To help energize for the 20 minute walk, the kids went to Tina’s cart for a classic Costa Rican treat. It’s known as a granizado which is similar to Hawaiian shave ice and there are carts everywhere. Basically it’s a snow cone with sweet syrup and some milk to make it similar to ice cream. But Tina’s is a Playa del Coco institution and her creation was something to behold. We didn’t have a phone so the picture below is borrowed from Facebook. It’s not exactly what the kids had, but that is Tina and what she’s holding is pretty close.

To make it, she shaves some ice by hand to fill half that cup, adds syrup, then a few spoonfuls of dry milk covered with more shaved ice and syrup. We thought she was done. But then she added some sort of whipped topping, chocolate/caramel syrup, sprinkles, an 8 inch wafer cookie tube (pirouline), a giant marshmallow and to top it all off – a grape almost as big as a ping pong ball. Whew, what a crazy concoction. Not surprisingly our trio thought they were awesome although by the time they got to the end they said next time they’ll pass on the dry milk. Even after mixing it in, not their favorite.

We spent more time in the afternoon getting tossed around by the Pacific. The waves had gotten pretty big and the tide was coming up so we retired to the calmness of the pool and safety of sandcastle building. The kids started castles pretty far from the water and then had to try to rescue them from the coming flood. They were not successful.

Fortifying the castles

Shortly after all sand civilization was destroyed, we took a last dip in the pool and bid farewell to the Beach Club (forever) and to the Pacific (for a while). All in all, a great day.

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