Monteverde, Costa Rica; Day 1

Today we went from sea level at the beach to 1500 meters (~5000 feet) elevation in the Cordillero de Tilarán mountain range. The area is named Monteverde and regularly draws tourists from all over the world visiting the Cloud Forest. This is a unique landscape that only exists in tropical areas with tall mountains and is only about 1% of the earth.

3 Hour Trip from the Beach to the Mountain

We are staying at a unique place which is near the nexus of the three major provinces in Costa Rica. We think – if we understood our host’s Spanish correctly – we’re about 100 meters downhill from the Continental Divide which we had last crossed in Montana with Ole Wheezy.

Our Lovely Little Mountain Retreat
The top of the ridge is the Continental Divide.

We are staying on a working 50+ head dairy farm/bed & breakfast. The family here, similar to many others in the area, has taken advantage of their land and proximity to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. They built several single family cabins to host ecotourists such as your 5 Adventurers.

We did a little exploring before dinner but will leave the majority of our adventures – at the farm and in the Cloud forest – for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Monteverde, Costa Rica; Day 1

  1. Very cool. Reminds me of the time spent on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin, herding the cows into the barn twice a day for milking.


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