Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Day 2

After yesterday’s travel day we relaxed a little this morning. We all found the sleeping tolerable with no air conditioning. Still more hot and humid than we prefer but we got some sleep even with the howler monkeys doing their thing close by.

We added a picture showing our two part house. Kitchen/living room/bath and outdoor seating on the right, three bedrooms, bath and laundry on the left. The whole thing is surround by a 8 ft fence which is very common all over Costa Rica. The yard/landscaping is still a work in progress – we think the house has only been completed in the last month or so. There seems to be a lot of new construction in this area. Big trucks and equipment go by on the gravel road quite frequently.

Our two part AirBnB

Today we were excited to head to the beach – this area is known for its surf breaks so we expected some good wave jumping and fun watching the surfers. We headed a little bit north of town to Playa Cocles a white sand beach with surfers and surf lessons everywhere. It was almost completely a red flag day on the beach meaning there is high hazard/strong currents except for one place with a yellow flag which – no surprise – all the swimmers and surfers were crowded into.

A lone yellow flag

We still had a great day – and the kids got their first dip in the Caribbean Sea. They alternated between the surf and sand castle building. Don’t tell them, but Mom and Dad alternated between hanging with them and napping on the sand. Remember the nighttime howler monkeys?

We headed into town to a restaurant with a drool-worthy name Tiffany had read about in a blog called Bread and Chocolate. It was terrific and of course we had to have dessert – mint chocolate brownies, essential chocolate cake. Yum! In honor of our Tortuguero adventure, Tiffany had a chocolate/caramel/nut Turtle – one of her favorites.

We expected the evening to be uneventful but instead found ourselves without power (again) shortly after arriving back at the house. CreeperPuppy finished his bath with the help of a citronella candle we’d picked up in Playa del Coco. CreeperKitty wasn’t as lucky, the water is pumped through the house using electricity so no power, no water and he got in the shower right as the first outage happened.

The guys that are doing construction across the street built this house as well so they showed Brian how to reset the breaker bIut it kept tripping over and over and over. Thankfully there was a gas stove so Tiffany was able to cook dinner with the help of the streetlight outside and the Batman keychain flashlight she’d gotten out of Busha’s Treasure box back at Madden’s.

Thanks tiny Batman

We didn’t get a picture of Brian in the road trying to reset the breaker in only his flip flops and a bath towel after his shower water stopped for the second time. Not the adventure he was looking for, that’s for sure.

After a visit from the electrician and the property manager, they think the hot water heater/pump is the problem. They disconnected that and the circuit breaker seems to be holding. More repairs tomorrow will hopefully restore the hot water too. Fingers crossed, we’re definitely ready for our power outage adventures to be over.

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