Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Day 3

We all enjoyed the horseback riding adventure from a couple weeks ago and wanted to try it again. Perhaps this time on the beach! We had seen some beach riding in Tamarindo but didn’t want to pick some random horses offered to any gringo walking on the beach. Tiffany did some research and we picked the Caribe Horse Riding Club.

This place is cool for two reasons. First, they can take you on short jungle-beach tours which are affordable and easy on the kids. Secondly, their horses are “rescue animals” which meant that they were in unfortunate situations before finding themselves under the mount of some friendly turistas.

Left to right; CreeperPuppy is on Polar, Suaram is on Balsam, CreeperKitty is on Pequinen, Mom is on Rex, and Dad is on Eragon. You can learn about these five horses more here.

A fun ride on the beach

These horses knew their way through the jungle trail and onto the beach quite well. The horses were well behaved with the humans but occasionally liked to sneak a thistle from the side of the road or head-bump the horse in front of it. Unlike our previous riding experience in Guanacaste where a downpour caught us at the end of our ride, we all stayed dry (aside from some wet feet as we rode through the shorebreak).

The afternoon was uneventful as we caught up on some reading and played War (CreeperKitty won) while the electrician worked on the power issues. They confirmed there’s a circuit problem triggered by the hot water heater and pump. So, until tomorrow night (fingers crossed) we are here without hot water. At least the electricity is consistently back!

The kids also got in their Wednesday screen time. Back home they enjoyed a PlayStation game called Rayman Legends. The PlayStation didn’t make the trip but the Nintendo Switch did so the kids pooled their money and bought the game for the Switch. Even though it was a smaller screen than they were used to, it took no time at all for them to jump back into their favorite parts of the game. Dad even played for a little while just like back at home.

Family time on the Switch

Overall, an enjoyable day with a good mix of activity and relaxing around the house.

One thought on “Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Day 3

  1. O look at that horse back riding so much fun especially on the beach. More and more CreeperKitty is starting to look like his dad😃😃

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