Boquete, Panama; Day 3

Tiffany & Brian have wanted to find opportunities to dedicate themselves to the attentions of a single kid at a time. This has been difficult while traveling when we are always together in a common conveyance or accomodation.

When Brian’s mom (Busha) comes to visit she will schedule time during her visit for an afternoon “date” with each of the kids. Both grandparent and grandchild love the focused attention.

We are planning to remain here in Boquete for almost a month so we scheduled our first kid date today.

Brian & CreeperPuppy spent the afternoon together doing some of the things that both of them enjoy.

Their first stop was the Barberia which they had tried to get to while in Costa Rica but were thwarted by minor misfortune.

CreeperPuppy had a buzz cut when we left California and has wanted to return to that look for a while. Brian has been ready to ditch the pandemi-chic curls and ponytail ever since landing in the heat of the Tropics.

They scouted a few places yesterday and chose one that happened to be quite busy. No English was available but the nature of the cut didn’t require explanation or discourse.

At $5 a head, 20 minutes of razor, clippers, and an actual razor blade yielded these words from Brian, “Señor, ustede es un artiste mal pagado!”.

Afterwards, the pair headed to the heladería for a reward for their patience and new haircuts.

They also visited a few stores in town that had caught CreeperPuppy’s eye (he is a more discerning shopper than we had thought) but didn’t purchase any new toys.

Instead, they bought some items for the evening’s dinner (Camarones y Ajillo en Rotini con vegetales). Like Tiffany, Brian also loves shopping at the produce stalls and forgets to take photos to share with you. (There will be a next time).

The next date day will probably be with Tiffany and one of the other two kids but we will mark those adventures too!

Señor, ustede es un artiste mal pagado
– Sir, you are an underpaid artist

Heldería – ice cream shop

Camarones y Ajillo en Rotini con vegetales
– Shrimp and Garlic in Rotini with Vegetables

6 thoughts on “Boquete, Panama; Day 3

  1. Congrats on getting the hair cut, I know my first one after many months was a great relief. Love hearing the accounts of your adventures. Stay Safe,


  2. Love the hair cuts , Dad and CreeperPuppy look fabulous and so much easier and cooler , what a fun outing . Looks like you’re staying in a beautiful place I loved the pictures of the beautiful beach you all got to by boat. Enjoy everybody such a fantastic adventure and great Spanish Mom I hope the kids try to practice their Spanish in the stores and Restaurants. Hugs from Grandma Loesje.

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