Diani Beach, Kenya; Day 5

Brian and CreeperPuppy are the 2 Adventurers that look for barbershops everywhere they go because their hair needs a trim every 6 weeks or so.

They received a cut in Boquette, Panama where the barber spoke no English except at the end when he said “ten dollars” for the 2 cuts.

The last cut they received was in Ohio where English was spoken and the talk was centered on deer hunting.

They really had wanted to get haircuts while in Thailand but we were constantly on the move and couldn’t find a window of time.

Today, we found the time and Brian got a haircut. It wasn’t much of an adventure but there were 3 notable aspects of the barber in Kenya.

The 1st was that the music in the shop was set to 70’s Country Ballads so we heard Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn among others. Completely unexpected.

The 2nd interesting observation was that the barber didn’t say a word. No English (or Swahili or anything). It’s actually a pretty simple transaction when the man has a razor, knows how to use it, and Brian points to his head indicating length at various spots.

The 3rd observation is that the cost of the cut was within a dollar of both Panama and Ohio. Weirdly about $6 in all places.

CreeperPuppy decided to hold out a bit longer so it may not be until Egypt before he gets his haircut. We shall see!

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