Boquete, Panama; Day 4

Today marks 3 months since these 5 Adventurers started our world travels. It feels like we’ve been traveling forever and at the same time it’s passed in the blink of an eye.

We decided to go down to the Parque de la Amistad so the kids wouldn’t be on tablets all day. As it turned out, the park was secluded (like we’d hoped) but also old and covered in rust and stinging ants (not like we’d hoped). However, that didn’t stop us from having fun. There was a new piece of playground equipment that we’d never seen before. It looked like a cross between a swing and a seesaw, so the kids call it a swingsaw.

After we all got sick of the heat and humidity, we flocked to the nearest air-conditioned space – the car. We drove into town but soon stopped at a park that looked more interesting than the last. But the most interesting thing wasn’t the slides or the monkey bars. It was the giant iguanas that came to rest here. We saw about five or six of them, so that’s why we nicknamed it Iguana Park. Suaram even got close enough to touch the biggest one (but she didn’t). It was an experience none of us will ever forget.

Afterwards, Tiffany had to go get some money at the bank. The bank ATM was out of service so we used one across the street. It wasn’t in an air-conditioned room like the other one, but the kids still crowded around her as she got the money.

Looking at the ATM

After that we had a delicious lunch and then headed home. But the quiet of the kids playing and Mom and Dad reading was soon broken by an enormous crack of thunder, which was followed by a downpour that shook the house. That didn’t stop our activities, though. Suaram built an enormous fort out of Jenga blocks while the rest of the family read or listened to Spotify. We even had a chat with our grandparents. Loesje and Ed, if you’re reading this, remember that I love you and you are one of the reasons I miss home.

We ate a lovely dinner of Twice-Baked Potatoes, chicken, and green beans, then settled in to bed. Goodnight everyone from Suaram!

Suaram’s Jenga fort

5 thoughts on “Boquete, Panama; Day 4

  1. Thanks Suaram for the shout out. Loved your post on a day in the life of the fab five. Your writing is exceptional. look forward to more posts.


  2. Very much enjoying the accounts of your travels. As for iguanas, I’d be wary of them. They can bite and lizard bites are notorious for introducing lots of bacteria into the affected area. Stay safe!


  3. Hi Suarami we enjoyed your post , the one with the swingsaw I loved we used to have those in the Netherlands just can’t remember what we called it. It was great talking to you guys I know we had a bit of a bad connection but it still was so great to hear your voices, next time hopefully we’ll be able to talk a little more. Your mom is making some wonderful meals for you all and shopping in the local markets must be so much fun and a good way to practice your Spanish. We’re looking forward to your next adventure and to hear what you got to do with one of your parents. We miss you and can’t wait to meet you somewhere on your travels. Love to the family and keep up the great posts you’re a fabulous writer and we’re so proud of you. Love Grandma Loesje.

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