Boquete, Panama; Day 10

Two adventures were noted today. Neither were particularly high on the ‘noteworthy’ scale but are shared with you nonetheless.

The first took Brian to the local hardware store to find light bulbs. The rental house is equipped with LED bulbs which are of an intensity and in the color range appropriate for the Cook County morgue. Anything less anti-septic would be better so we thought if the $$ was right for a few bulbs, count us in.

The other adventure was to satisfy the family craving for pizza. While at home, we would typically have pizza on Friday and, well, today is Friday. We ventured out to the place a mile down the road for wood fired Pizza.

To make a long story short, we still have depressing lighting and we had home-cooked garlic shrimp and pasta for dinner. Zero for two.

Tomorrow will be better!

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