Boquete, Panama; Day 11

Despite it being a Saturday we made it a school day so there were no big adventures today. We did finally take a few pictures of our AirBnB house and our ‘yard mates’ for lack of a better description. The house itself is one story, three bedroom/two bath and about 1,800 square feet. It has bars on the doors and windows which is the aesthetic in Panama as it was in Costa Rica.

The property has some mature trees and not only has this house but another small home on the back of the lot. The owner of this house is not local so the family that lives in the second house helps take care of this one for him. They are kind and friendly enough but we don’t see them much.

What we do often see are the animals that also share this space. Along with the house we get 5 dogs. We don’t know their actual names so of course we’ve come up with our own. Two we don’t see very often so we think they are the family’s indoor dogs. We’ve named one Mama because she looks like she’s recently had puppies and the other Shorty because, well, it’s quite small.

The other three dogs live outside. One is chained to a pillar at the back of our side carport. We don’t know why but we haven’t gotten too close. CreeperKitty dubbed that one PlopTown. The other two are Socks and Shaggy who are always quick with a greeting when we’re outside.

By day, the dogs are friendly, quiet and mostly asleep. But at night, they seem to belong to a neighborhood doggie choir group or our yard gets flooded with intruders because they bark. Correction, they BARK! Amazing what you get used to after a few nights.

Our second set of yard mates are even less photogenic than the dogs. These are our twelve chickens. At least we think there are twelve – we can’t tell them apart very well yet and they scramble away when we get too close.

They are pretty entertaining during the downpours. They run for cover when the rain starts and then as soon as it slows they scamper out to the grass and peck and peck and peck. We’re not sure what sort of chicken treats the storms raise but they must be delicious. Sadly, we don’t have a rooster. We’d be really super excited if we had a crowing rooster in the yard come daybreak. But we don’t.

Good thing the next door neighbors do. Cock-a-doodle-doo!

Tonight we finally got that pizza.

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