Boquete, Panama; Day 23

When Mom & Dad’s bed looks like this then everyone knows that we are packing up to move on.

Today was our 16th school day in Boquete. It was also our last one. Tomorrow, the Adventurers head to a new destination in Panama. Closer to the beach and closer to Panama City where we will spend a few days before we depart this wonderful country.

Tiffany had some well-deserved Mom time at the salon. Turns out her stylist grew up in Columbus, Ohio and they have a mutual Facebook friend. Just when the world seemed so big, it suddenly feels small again just like that.

Before she left for the salon, Tiffany made a ‘goodbye house beef stew’ for our final dinner. That’s a thing, right? The kids (and Brian) cleared out the freezer of the remaining ice cream (and vodka).

This was yet another quirky house which has given us adventures of joy (hello chess set and jenga tanks) anger (hot water out again?!), and resignation (barky, barky, BARKY, pool is WAY to cold). Resilience and patience were called upon time and again by kids and parents alike. We’re still trying to figure out this longer term stay thing and finding a place we like. We don’t have it quite right yet as we balance features, neighborhood, cost, flexibility etc.

Though we didn’t like the house, we did a good job picking the town. Boquete deserves its wonderful reputation for mild climate, a beautiful setting nestled next to the volcano and friendly people. Maybe it’s because SoCal has been in a drought for 10 years and we’re unaccustomed to it, but even the near daily deluge of rain was a fantastic sight and sound that kind of grew on us.

We didn’t do nearly all the cool things there are to do in Boquete but we enjoyed our adventure here. We continue to learn new things about the world, each other and ourselves.

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