Boquete, Panama; Day 22

Today we did school and finished our first class study book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Shortly after that, Brian and Tiffany had something that felt like a rabbit hole experience.

While the kids played math games at the end of school, the teachers moved to the ‘lounge’ aka the living room and struck up a game of backgammon. If you recall back on Day 16 we got a travel combo set of chess/checkers/backgammon and as is typical the pieces are quite small.

At a critical point in the game, just when it was becoming clear Tiffany was getting a whooping, one die bounced off the board and onto the floor. No big deal. But it was. 15 minutes of searching later and the die was nowhere to be found. Even Tiffany couldn’t find it and she found a flip flop in the river current in Glacier National Park.

We finally gave up, deciding that it went down the rabbit hole or into an alternate universe. I mean it is the size of the tip of your finger so it’s possible, right? We finished the game using a roll-the-dice-app on Brian’s phone and yes, Tiffany got beaten badly.

As a joke and convinced that it could never be found, Mom offered the kids a bounty of $1 if they found it. Dad quickly upped the ante to $2 and the search was on. Not 30 seconds later, Suaram triumphantly holds up the prize. Mom was both pleased at Suaram’s growing finding skills and was a little embarrassed that she was bested so quickly. But – the money was paid (in Panamanian Balboas) and the universe righted for at least one more day.


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