Leesburg, Ohio; Day 1

Today started in Georgetown and ended about an hour away in Leesburg, Oh. But before we traveled, we had a little adventure with one of the Bailey House cats. Despite warnings that the cats would scamper into the cellar if the Pantry door was left open, Tiffany took her sweet time looking over the shelves. Guess what happened? That’s right – cat in the cellar.

Suaram and CreeperPuppy had never been in the basement of a house built in 1830 before so they were more than willing to help look for the cat so they could check it out. A few cobwebs made for a good Halloween theme and after a couple of tries and a little patience we managed to get the cat back where he belonged. He was quite proud of his little excursion and the kids were only a little bit dirty.

Escape artist

We did school in the middle of the day and in the late afternoon headed northeast to Leesburg, Ohio to Tiffany’s mom’s home (Mamoh to the kids). We arrived and got a significant milestone for Jeremy Picklepants who has had a big week. License plates yesterday and today he hit 200,000 miles. We missed the precise picture but 200,006 is pretty cool too.

Jeremy had a milestone

Suaram also got her last birthday present – 100 ‘peeples’ which are people shaped game tokens in 10 different colors. She has been wanting them for weeks and immediately set to creating a board game to use them.

We all (including Mamoh not shown) got to test out the game which is called Demolition. It has territories, regeneration spaces and a ‘peeples pass’ to transport pieces from one part of the board to the other. It was really creative, very cool and – based on our experience- fun for ages 8-80. We still don’t know who won, we paused the epic battle when bedtime came around and will pick it up tomorrow. CreeperKitty and Mamoh have been battling all game for the lead but we’ll have to see what happens.

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