Leesburg, Ohio; Day 2

The Adventurers are staying at Tiffany’s mother’s (aka Mamoh’s) house in Leesburg for the weekend. The house sits on a working farm in Southern Ohio.

Originally purchased by her grandparents in 1913 with over 100+ acres, Mamoh spent her childhood and the last 25 years here. She has many wonderful stories about growing up in this town and on the farm. Tiffany also has many fond memories of visiting her grandparents here growing up.

46 Acres

In 2014, Governor John Kasich recognized this as an Ohio Century Farm which recognizes family ownership for 100 years or more. There was a celebration in summer of 2014 which was the first time Suaram, CreeperKitty and CreeperPuppy visited Leesburg.

Mamoh tells interesting stories about difficulties keeping the farm in the family for the last 100+years. Her grandparents and parents made many sacrifices and had to work hard through financial difficulties. We’re glad they persevered, the Farm is a comforting place to stay and a strong connection to family history.

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