Leesburg, Ohio; Day 6

Shopping and school today.

Since the approval of the COVID-19 Vaccine for kids 5-11 seems imminent, we’ve decided to keep having US based adventures until we can get the kids their two jabs. That keeps us in the country at least through the end of November

The thing about November in the Midwest is that it starts to get cold and these Adventurers don’t travel with a lot of warm clothes – they are bulky and not needed for most of our itinerary.

Quick quiz: How do you solve the problem of fast growing kids, a limited budget, and a need for warmer clothes for a short period of time? You thrift of course!

Our outing today was to the Goodwill on the east side of Cincinnati. It has a good selection and both boys scored some pants. They didn’t have much in the way of jackets so we’ll keep looking and keep layering which has worked great so far. While Mom shopped for clothes, the kids were drawn to another part of the store. Yes, that’s right – more cuddles!! No way these guys are fitting in the backpacks.

School today included a guest teacher in the cooking science part of the curriculum. Mamoh and Suaram made a super yummy peach cream pie which all 5 Adventurers taste tested to end a sunny fall day.

One thought on “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 6

  1. Sweet! Huge tub of tart cherries and 3 pints of chicken livers here if V/Mumah wants to share those treasured recipes.


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