Leesburg, Ohio; Day 7

We jumped into the Halloween adventures with gusto today. Rain was in the forecast so we took an extended break during school and headed over to the local pumpkin patch. The kids picked out some good carving pumpkins and a couple small ones and had a great time checking out the other activities the farm had created. It was Thursday early afternoon so we had the place to ourselves.

Fun at the pumpkin patch – no one knew Mom could drive a tractor.

We spent the afternoon carving the pumpkins but will wait for Halloween for the big reveal. After dinner the kids decided to try out their costumes and do some trick or treat adventures a little early. When Halloween falls on a weekend, Leesburg and the surrounding towns do trick or treat on the Thursday before and that was tonight.

All three kids decided to be ninjas this year but due to a scheduling mix up Suaram’s fancy costume won’t arrive until tomorrow. No worries – we DIY’ed one, the boys loaned her some weapons and off we went. It was raining outside so we headed to the high school where the local businesses and school groups were handing out treats (no tricks to be found).

The kids were pretty excited about their selection and for sure Mom, Dad and Mamoh will get to share. No wonder this is almost their favorite holiday.

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