Leesburg, Ohio; Day 8

Today continued our themes of school and Halloween and added a little vaccines to the mix.

Today’s Halloween activity was some arts and craft kits supplied by Tiffany’s sister Tara. The kids loved making these houses and spent a lot of the day building and painting them. Suaram’s costume arrived so they also spent time playing Ninjas despite the cool temperatures and rain.

On the vaccine front Tiffany was finally able to track down a place that could give an adult Polio vaccine. She also got her meningitis and flu shots at the same time. She has some sore arms but is (finally) done with her catch up. This makes the 5th state the 5 Adventures have gotten vaccines in. We’re hoping Ohio will be the last – the FDA approved extending the use of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine to kids 5-11 so we’re one step closer to getting the kids protected.

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