Leesburg, Ohio; Day 9

Today was another birthday in the 5 Adventurers family – this one for Tiffany and she had a great day.

To start, Tiffany’s Mom took her to the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati to see the musical stage production of Pretty Woman. After being away from stage shows for a couple years due to the pandemic, it was really great to be back with an audience seeing a show.

Just after that Tiffany got a big surprise in the parking lot – a birthday visit from her sisters Tara and Tracy who both live in Cincinnati and came by with balloons, flowers and a yummy treat.

But the fun didn’t stop there. While Tiffany was at the show, Brian and the kids were working hard making a party back at the house. Complete with Tiffany’s favorite pizza from Donato‘s, thoughtful gifts and a homemade birthday banner and cake. Another great birthday in the books.

One thought on “Leesburg, Ohio; Day 9

  1. Wow you all are having a great time with all the family. Happy Halloween to the 5adventures those Ninjas costumes are fabulous they look so great. Tiffany had a special birthday it probably has been a long time since you celebrated your birthday with mom and all your sisters. Please say hi to everybody and keep enjoying your time with family. We love you and miss you and can’t wait to meet you somewhere on your travels. Grandma Loesje.

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