Leesburg, Ohio; Day 10

The Adventurers went through some classic Halloween traditions today.

First, we completed the carved pumpkins that were picked out a few days ago.

Then we assembled our costumes, props and attitudes for the night.

Suaram Fierce!

Then we were off to find trouble candy. Our first stop was to visit Aunt Tara who promptly fed everyone with yummy Chicken Chili.

Ungrateful dinner guests

Next we picked up Aunt Tracy who showed us the BEST streets to go on.

The 3 Purdy Girls Together

There are some places where they still go all-out on Halloween with cool decorations and full-size candy bars.

“Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go!”

The kids went door-to-door trick-or-treating for about an hour and finished with about 10 pounds of goodies. Everyone had a great time and will bid a fond farewell to the month of October.

Everyone needs to brush their teeth and head to bed, we’ve had enough candy and fun for today.

Every Parent on Every Halloween Night

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