Leesburg, Ohio; Day 11

We are nearing peak Autumnal color on the trees in Southern Ohio and it has really been lovely to see it emerge over the last several days. A frost mid last week really got things moving in the color department. Our SoCal kids don’t seem to be as impressed but Mom & Dad sure miss seeing the oranges, reds, and ambers in the leaves.

Tiffany snapped some of these photos on the way to the grocery store where she had a classic Midwest adventure athough not one of the good ones. While driving she passed by a skunk that had recently met its end in the middle of the road. She knew it was recent because the ventilation system brought a lot of its ‘distinct’ scent directly into the cabin of the van. Yuck! She might be missing the leaves but for sure hasn’t missed being trapped in a car with that smell. Luckily it dissipated after driving with the windows down for 20 minutes or so.

As we switch into November, Halloween is over but there is one last task – dispose of the jack-o-lanterns somehow. At home, our pumpkins decay incredibly fast in the warm moist air so it’s all we can do to get them in the greenwaste container before they collapse into goo. But this year we’re in cool weather and on a farm – so we have options.

We all thought that the cows would appreciate some enrichment in their environment. So over the fence the creations went – Pumpkin Chuckin’ Leesburg style.

Pumpkin Chuckin’ 2021

The cow came over and sniffed the pumpkin parts and stepped away. (Unimpressed cow not shown)

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