Leesburg, Ohio; Day 12

It was a fairly quiet school day here in Southern Ohio. The 5 Adventures Academy students continued with reading Call It Courage and completed a worksheet assignment for Chapter 3 (for those of you reading along).

Mamoh started the slow cooker early this morning by loading a turkey breast and mixing in some chipotle sauce and cranberries. Served with sweet rolls and cole slaw it was very delicious.

Brian worked on improving navigation and content management on this blog. Tiffany had the less fun job of contacting American Airlines to work on our flights for the next leg of our journey to Southeast Asia.

As you may be aware, the call center staffing levels at most airlines has been insufficient for the call volumes and she was waiting 3 hours for a call back from a representative. About an hour into the call (which finally arrived), there was a disconnect upon being transferred. Grrrrr.

We will all get a good night’s sleep tonight and try again tomorrrow for more fruitful adventuring.

On the plus side, though, we saw this news come through.

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