Leesburg, Ohio; Day 13

We have recently completed our 150th post on this travel blog. We have tried to post updates on a daily basis and have accumulated enough content that it has become difficult for us to navigate to older posts to recollect memories of our adventures.

Over the next week or so, we will be improving the site’s look-and-feel. Today, we have introduced a way to navigate into older posts based on where we have travelled.

Our travels have taken us to three countries and 11 states. Here is a quick summary of the top 5 posts by location.

  • Costa Rica – 37 posts
  • Panama – 33 posts
  • Ohio – 16 posts
  • Montana – 15 posts
  • Minnesota – 9 posts

We have 67 posts in the United States (including this one) so we have another page built to help navigate to the states where we have adventured.

We would also like to improve the site’s orientation related to dates and intend to build a map which can better provide clarity about our path of travel thus far. This will be helpful as we continue to travel around the globe over the next several months.

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