Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 5

During school today, we had the kids choose between read-to-self (from parent-curated list), math facts online, or write an original piece meant for this blog. CreeperPuppy was brave enough to continue work on his opus The Hamburger Story, so check it out in the Kids Corner. He has started Book 2 of the story so you may need to scroll up to remind yourself of the fascinating story from our 8 year old.

This afternoon was a treat adventure – one of the things that the kids love best. Aunt Tracy gave them coupons to Holtman’s Donuts which happens to have a location very close to our hotel. Needless to say, it took very little coaxing to get them to use these coupons.

Holtman’s first opened in 1960 and has grown to several locations in the Cincinnati area. They make the donuts in each store and although we didn’t get to see any donuts being made while we were there, we saw the equipment and giant containers of sprinkles ready for tomorrow. (Note: our blog hosting service is having some trouble with pictures in the email notification. If they are too small to see, turn your phone sideways or use the link to view in your web browser)

Afternoon was reading time for CreeperKitty and pool and hot tub for Suaram and CreeperPuppy. Tonight is our last night in the hotel so they wanted to get a final dip.

Once their fingers were well and truly ‘raisined’ they got out. Dinner at a Mexican restaurant with the grandparents ended a great day.

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