Cincinnati, Ohio; Day 4

We had a fun day today with Busha and Grandpa Mike. The kids have been enjoying their morning waffle and cereal in the hotel lobby. We have learned to create limits on the toppings for said waffles.

On the first morning of our complimentary hotel breakfast, Suaram came back from the waffle maker with a heaping plate overflowing with chocolate chips, syrup, chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar. Seems she learned some waffle topping tricks from our Boquete days. After that first day the kids are limited to one sweet topping.

Today, Suaram chose chocolate chips, CreeperKitty chose powdered sugar, and CreeperPuppy chose against a waffle and ate Froot Loops instead.

Between breakfast, school and a trip to the playground the boys read books and Suaram worked on her drawing skills.

Tiffany had the best adventure today when she met up with her two sisters, Tara and Tracy, for dinner at The Brown Dog Cafe.

It’s a cool cafe in an interesting part of town. It’s filled with tasteful dog decor and the motto is ‘Sit. Stay. Savor.’ The menu included a number of interesting items so it was difficult choosing between them. This is an almond- crusted brie appetizer which both looked and tasted amazing.

While the sisters enjoyed their rare time away from families and obligations to talk, Brian, Busha, Grandpa Mike and the kids ate take-out and watched a movie. Everyone had a good time today.

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