Travel to Thailand, Day 3

Our 5 Adventurers arrived in Phuket, Thailand this afternoon.

We are all very weary from our four flights of travel but are in good spirits. The kids have been remarkably patient through it all.

Here is a quick recap of our 3 day journey half-way-around-the globe

  • Hours 1-3: Depart Leesburg, Ohio, lunch with Mamoh, and drive to the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport.
  • 4-5: Arrive too early for our flight hoping to get rerouted directly to JFK avoiding a flight segment and any risks to the narrow 90 minute transfer window at JFK to catch the overseas flight.
  • 6: Board the flight to Charlotte and depart on-time (the only segment to depart and arrive as scheduled).
  • 7: Flight to Charlotte.
  • 8: Transit through Charlotte Airport and await delayed flight to JFK.
  • 9: Spend an hour watching several American Airlines employees attempt and fail to latch an overhead bin.
  • 10-11: Flight to JFK where we learn that we are not alone trying to make this next flight.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced due to this unforseen delay departing Charlotte.

We have 14 passengers that are trying to make a connection to Doha. This is a 15 hour flight and their only chance to make this flight today.

Please allow these passengers to deplane first so that they have a chance to make this flight. Thank you.

American Airlines Flight Attendant
  • 11½: Rush through JFK to catch the Qatar Airways flight to Doha, Qatar. None of us have been in New York City for a shorter period of time. (terminal time<15 minutes)
  • 12-27: Flight to Hamad International Airport.
  • 28-34: Hanging out in Qatar.
  • 35-40: Flight to Phuket, Thailand.
  • 41-43: A handful of the worst things about travel in the Pandemic era.
    • Immigration forms to complete
    • Lines to wait in
    • Nasal swabs to endure
    • Lost luggage claims to be made (apparently our checked baggage needed more NYC time)

We arrived at our lovely hotel about 44 hours after leaving Leesburg, Ohio. The weather here is ideal and the smell is tropical and sweet.

The kids were asleep on their feet so they put themselves to bed as soon as we got to the room. Mom and Dad weren’t far behind. We are hoping their sleep carries them until Thursday morning so we can quickly get adjusted to local time.

The parents are hoping their backpacks arrive in Thailand before too much baht gets spent on bathing/beachwear clothes.

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