Phuket, Thailand; Day 1

4 of the 5 Adventurers awoke early this morning (2am local time) but Mom was resolved to get onto a more accommodating sleep schedule. After reading for about 90 minutes, “lights back out” was declared. Surprisingly, all were soon asleep until after the sun came up which wasn’t too bad for our first day of adjusting.

In future posts, we will share more photos of the hotel and the wonderful food options found at this hotel. We intend to spend half of our days here “on vacation” and the other half “in school” but we all agreed that today would be a vacation day.

Our two checked bags are still ‘being traced’ according to the airline which is not reassuring. 95% of Mom & Dad’s clothes and toiletries were in those bags as well as everyone’s sandals and sunscreen. The parents had a little shopping trip at the hotel gift shop and bought new swim suits. CreeperPuppy wore a pair of shorts for his swim gear. The other kids luckily had swim options in their backpacks.

After a hearty breakfast, we made our way to the beach to see low tide and touch the Indian Ocean (via the Andaman Sea). Then we went to the pool for awhile and ate lunch. Then we back to the beach for high tide. Then we went back to the pool for…well, you get the idea.

Based on today’s activities, we may not need all of our clothes. A swim suit, hat and sunglasses may be all that’s essential.

Well, that plus a stone turtle to indicate the pace of our adventures in Phuket.

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