Phuket, Thailand; Day 2

สวัสดี (Sa-wa-dee) (hello)

We promise not to do as much Thai language in our posts from Thailand as we did Spanish in Central America. It’s a much harder language and alphabet to learn but we are making a try of getting proficient in some of the common words travelers need. Most of the people working in this resort have some English which makes it easy but we still want to immerse ourselves as much as we can.

Today was a bit of a quiet day as all 5 Adventurers adjust to what feels like upside down days and nights. Thailand is in the Indochina time zone, this time of year exactly 12 hours ahead of eastern time, so it’s quite a change. We didn’t make plans for any big excursions in our first few days here since we weren’t sure how we’d be affected. Our agenda is basically exploring the offerings around the resort.

After another hearty breakfast at the morning buffet the kids went to the Kid’s Club for a couple of hours. They had a good time and will likely go back. Mom and Dad took that time to watch hockey and try to track down our two checked bags. No progress on that front so tomorrow may have to be another shopping day.

No news is bad news – both bags have this status

After lunch we got in a day of school, had our first gentle rain and then headed to the pool and beach. The kids also discovered what the bracelets they got at checkin are for – free ice cream from 2-4pm every day.

Magic bracelets that make ice cream appear

By 6 the sun was setting which made the northwest facing beach look perfect for an evening dip and stroll. CreeperKitty kicked the soccer ball a bit with the rec attendant, we saw a bit of rainbow sneaking through the clouds, Suaram relaxed in the hammock and the kids finished the day with a marshmallow roasted over the fire.

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