Phuket, Thailand; Day 3

As a Saturday, we took the day off from school which meant that we could get a morning pool session in. It worked out great except for the quality of the hotel sunscreen which left some of the Adventurers more pink than they would like.

We walked down the beach at lunch and had a wonderful meal at the Kiaw Beach Shack. For the price of a meal at McDonald’s in the US, we ate well and were served good authentic Thai food. We will probably visit there again soon.

In addition to a great pool, the resort has a Kid’s Club which offers a rotating menu of fun and interesting activities designed for the kiddos.

Yesterday the kids custom painted t-shirts for Souvenirs.

During today’s visit they selected a unique ceramic figurine to paint in any way they choose. This is CreeperKitty’s ceramic. It appears to be a “Gamer CyberMonk”, whatever that is. It’s too cool for the parents to comprehend.

The biggest and best news of the day came after lunch. That is when we came back into our room to find these two prodigal backpacks!

They seemed well-travelled based on the stickers and labels but they weren’t missing anything or damaged in any way.

We were starting to prepare for a number of shopping excursions to replace the lost items. Thankfully, and with more relief than we thought possible, our future shopping can remain discretionary!

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