Phuket, Thailand; Day 4

Today dawned with clear, sunny skies and quickly started heading for the high 80’s in temperature. Despite the heat, we decided today we’d have some adventures off the hotel property. Since we arrived we have seen boats and other activity about 1/2 mile up the beach. We also frequently have seen hotel guests heading that direction so we thought we’d check it out.

Trekking up the beach

As we got closer, we started seeing the telltale signs of a tropical beach town. Umbrellas and chairs on the sand. Restaurants and hotels a little further back and plenty of street vendors selling food, handcrafts and tours.

We were all a little wilted after walking in the heat so we picked a beachside restaurant called MamaNang for a late lunch and some cold drinks.

The food was very good. Brian enjoyed a couple of Singha beers and Tiffany tried Thai iced tea (with milk). The fruit plate was refreshing and a work of art.

After lunch 4 of the Adventurers headed back to up the beach while Tiffany headed to the Family Mart convenience store to pick up some shampoo and check out the snack options. She didn’t buy any of the squid snacks, ramen noodle bowls or Haagen Dazs but she picked up a couple of unusual items.

After a refreshing dip in the pool, the kids decided to try the Oreo fizzy orange. No one is sure why or how they are fizzy, but they are and orange and chocolate are always pretty good so they were a hit. Maybe tomorrow we’ll figure out what Roller Corn is.

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