Phuket, Thailand; Day 5

Monday morning meant back to school for everyone.  Typically we will have a segment for Mathematics and a segment for Language Arts.  Today we added a creative block and gave the kids an assignment.

They were given 25 minutes to create a new game of their own invention.  They needed to write down at least 5 rules for their game and then prepare a 5 minute presentation teaching everyone how to play it.

Game Designers at Work

Each of the three games were different from one another and we were able to play two of them immediately after school.  The exercise was fun and they all seemed pretty engaged by it.

Here are the rules and the “board” for CreeperPuppy’s game titled The Perilous Path.

A few days ago CreeperKitty bought a toy football at the gift shop with his own money and we have been having a lot of fun playing with it on the beach and in the pool.

Each of the kids have been developing their techniques for throwing and catching this colorful rubber ball.

We may want to get school completed by lunchtime this week so we can have plenty of pool and beach time in the afternoon. In Panama we usually held school during the afternoon rains.

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