Phuket, Thailand; Day 6

Thailand requires 3 Covid-19 tests for travelers visiting from the United States. One before you board the plane in the US, one when you arrive in Thailand and the third on your 6-7th day in the country. The third test is an antigen rapid test we did ourselves – our first time doing one like this. Everyone passed which was a relief – both that we don’t have Covid and that our testing is done for a while.

After that was school. We started our next novel study in addition to math and language arts – this time we gave the kids some choices and they picked The One and Only Ivan which none of us have read.

For lunch we walked out the front drive of the property and about 1/4 mile up the road. Our destination was a little place called Weena Restaurant. It had good reviews and an extensive menu – mostly Thai but plenty of western choices for the kids who are still mostly choosing to eat what’s familiar. They have been happy to find their favorite colored sodas in Thailand. Suaram in particular likes the red soda and often leaves meals with a mustache and dyed tongue.

Our meal was great – Brian was very jealous of Tiffany’s chicken with Penang curry but enjoyed his dish as well.

Afternoon was more pool time and the kids’ daily free ice cream. Today they each chose something dark red and yummy looking. They don’t agree on whether it was strawberry or raspberry but it disappeared quickly either way.

Dinner date with Dad led to the discovery that the flavor was Strawberry!

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