Phuket, Thailand; Day 7

This morning was our 7th at the Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Beach. That means it was also our 7th morning of the (complimentary) breakfast buffet. The kids are always thrilled with a good breakfast buffet – mainly because there are always treats offered which is highly uncommon when Mom or Dad cook breakfast.

According to the kids, this is the most extravagant example they can imagine. It caters to the diverse nationalities of the guests and has 13 different stations: yoghurt, cocktails, salad, cold cuts and cheese, juices and smoothies, fresh fruits, pastries and breads, Thai dishes, dim sum, a noodle station, an omelet station with bacon and sausage, British favorites and a small selection of Indian dishes like yellow dal and naan. I think the only thing we haven’t tried is a salad.

We made the kids a deal – they could have treats with breakfast if they also tried something new. It’s worked pretty well although we’ve been unpleasantly surprised how often they manage to make their new thing a type of muffin or cake. One morning we took photos of everything the 5 Adventurers ate. You’ll see a lot of typical western favorites in our choices – and yes, typically we each have more than one course.

After breakfast today we pushed through our food coma and had school. We followed that by a quiet afternoon with the kids back at the Kids Club and a dinner showing of ‘The Grinch’. Despite the tropical setting, it is only 10 days until Christmas after all.

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