Phuket, Thailand; Day 8

After our favorite breakfast buffet we did school and then spent the afternoon at the pool. Buy one get one free happy hour was a draw for Brian and Tiffany while the kids decided to spend all their allowance money on donuts and then throw them in the pool.

Afterwards we headed back to Weena for an early dinner. Last time we were there we enjoyed the food but we were also excited to see a sign offering something these Adventurers were very interested in – clean clothes! For cheap!

The Marriott laundry prices are cheaper than hotel prices in the US, but the laundry service at Weena’s was only about $1 per pound so we gave it a try. Sure beats washing clothes in the bathtub. Everything looked good when we got it back wrapped up like a present so if we need more laundry we’ll be headed back there for sure.

Speaking of presents they are starting to do some holiday decorating around the resort as they prepare for the high season to start next week. The kids were shocked to discover Christmas is 9 days away and they HAVEN’T EVEN MADE A WISH LIST!

We convinced them they will survive somehow. We’re all still a little unsure how Christmas in Thailand will go since it is predominantly Buddhist but it’s coming up fast so we’ll know soon enough.

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