Phuket, Thailand; Day 10

We were looking forward to visiting the market at Nai Yang Beach which is held on Saturday afternoon but were fearful that a rain storm might put a damper on the shopping.

Fortunately the rains held off and we were able to sort through a wide variety of items for sale. Tiffany was right to describe it as a combination flea market/farmers market. Ripe pineapples and Asian vegetables mingled with cheap plastic toys from one booth to the next.

If you’ve ever wondered how to protect ten eggs without a carton, here’s the secret; pressurize the baggy to create an air cushion. The 50 bhat cost is about $1.50 so a little cheaper than at home.

While we all enjoyed the novelty of a local Thai market, the kids had their eyes on something specific which wasn’t found there.

Instead we went back to the beach road to procure a famous Thai export – rolled ice cream. This is where a super-chilled plate is covered in cream with added flavors per the customer’s desire. As the cream freezes the vendor uses a scraper to “roll” the ice cream which is then covered in toppings (like any good ice cream should be). Behold the flavorful outcome.

The beach road had a number of hotels, restaurants and stores to cater to the tourist crowds but it was evident that this isn’t like a normal high season in Phuket.

Some of these hotels and restaurants weren’t open and, in fact, didn’t look as though they had been open since the holiday season in 2019.

Everyone was happy to see us walk through and we were happy to be here to visit. Those that were still doing business were taking on lots of roles to make ends meet.

One Vendor, Many Businesses.

Our last adventure was back at the hotel where we answered the question:

What happens when the kids lock their wallets (and a stuffed kitten) in the hotel safe and then forget the combination that they assigned to it?

Crisis averted!

Today marked 6 months since we left home to start our adventures and it was a great day.

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