Chiang Mai, Thailand; Day 12

Many of the stores and restaurants in Chiang Mai are closed for New Year’s Day.  We had also learned that some were closed today as well. We decided to take this Friday off from school to give us a jump on the holiday weekend like many others here in Thailand. 

Today we indulged our American traditions and began with some college football. We watched two Big Ten teams win their bowl games (MSU in the Peach Bowl and Wisconsin in the Las Vegas Bowl). We watched the ESPN feed for both and watched them live. This meant that we watched this ad. Perhaps you’ve seen it.

Craig Robinson sings a song to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas extolling the contents of the Triple Treat Box from Pizza Hut replacing “partridge in a pear tree” with “pizza and another pizza”. It’s actually pretty charming.

We watched football for about 4-5 hours before noon so we got to see this ad enough times to get the kids to ask for the Triple Treat Box by name. We think they may have been swayed by the images of the breadsticks or, more likely, the iced cinnamon rolls in drawer 3.

Tiffany and Brian knew that there was a Pizza Hut in town but surely they wouldn’t have this American promotion available here in Thailand. Right?

Wrong. Triple Treat Box!

They did make a few slight changes. Ours came with breadsticks and 2 personal size pizzas (custom to our specs). It also had garlic breaded cheese pops (delicious) and 6 chicken wings which were sauced like Buffalo wings but were called New Orleans style wings (pretty good).

Much to the kids’ disappointment, the Box didn’t come with cinnamon rolls but had spaghetti instead (weird). Along with the 2 Pepsis promised in the TV ad the lunch arrived at our place for halftime and cost around $20 (635 baht) with delivery.

After eating nearly everything in that box, our 5 Adventurers rolled themselves outside to soak up a little sunshine and float aimlessly.

The rest of our New Year’s Eve was pretty tame. Chiang Mai is doing some cautious celebrating this year – omicron has not hit Thailand hard so far. But we’re laying low and watching classic movies. Brian is heading to bed and will miss the local launch of 2022. He plans to wake early for the College Football Playoff semifinals which kickoff here at 3:30a.

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