Hurghada, Egypt; Day 3

One of our fine Adventurers took in a little too much sun yesterday. She forgot sunscreen and sat on the sunny side during lunch which was so delightful it lasted most of the afternoon. A day mostly inside was on her wishlist.

Another of our Adventurers had a shoe stolen by the Nile earlier in the week and was left with only a pair of flip-flops. From his perspective this wasn’t really a tragedy but his parents prudently wanted him wearing shoes and socks for the international flight taking place later this week. Plus closed toed shoes are required for shuffleboard hockey – one of their new inventions.

A 3rd Adventurer has been asking to visit a video arcade repeatedly and urgently. He seems to be drawn to these arcade games wherever he sees them on this trip but his parents consistently redirect his attentions.

The 4th Adventurer was hoping to replace her sunglasses to better block the bright Egyptian sun.

The 5th and final Adventurer needed to find an ATM to secure the Egyptian pounds to fund the adventure and was also sort of interested in a beard trimmer – the tiny scissors he’s got are hard to keep even.

We were able to find a solution for everyone at one destination; the mall.*sigh*

Senzo Mall, Hurghada Egypt

The Uber ride to the Senzo Mall took 10 minutes. This mall was similar to what we have seen anywhere else in the world. It has a food court, a lot of clothing & shoe stores a big combo grocery/electronics store and, of course, a kidzone/video arcade ala Chuck E. Cheese.

Our first task was CreeperPuppy’s feet. After visiting literally every store in the mall that sold shoes, we had a winner.

Thanks Converse

As an upgrade, the mall arcade has some basic carnival rides including bumper cars which the kids enjoyed several times. This is the first time they’ve ever done big kid bumper cars so they were excited. Dad’s back hurt just watching them.

First bumper cars

The arcade also had video games which spit out tickets based on the player’s performance. These tickets could be redeemed for souvenirs which got added to our shopping goods.

We brought home a rubber kick ball, a stuffed banana, a pack of playing cards, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of Converse sneakers, a T-shirt, a micro SD card, 5 apples, a half dozen croissants, some peanut butter, jelly, bread and crackers. The beard trimmer was a pass. It was too expensive for something with a nonUS compatible plug.

Future so bright she has to wear shades
New Kicks for CreeperPuppy (he’s 8 so they were scuffed within ten minutes)

On our way out we stopped in the food court for a late lunch. We briefly considered the triple treat box from Pizza Hut (yes, it’s a thing in Egypt as well as Thailand) but ultimately chose Chili’s for our taste of Americana. Brian & Tiffany were nearly tempted into margaritas at lunch – the picture looked great. That is until they figured out all the cocktails were priced too low to actually have alcohol in them. It makes sense – almost nowhere sells alcohol. This Egyptian Chili’s also serves pork-free bacon on their burgers!

Admittedly, this 6 hour trip to a mall isn’t likely to be high on our list of Top Adventures of the World Tour 21-22 but it did offer:

  • Shade from the sun for Mom
  • Shoes for CreeperPuppy
  • Arcade for CreeperKitty
  • Sunglasses for Suaram
  • 10 ATM choices for Dad to get the best possible exchange rate

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