Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 1

This morning we said goodbye to our charming hotel in Sukhothai. With 5 Adventurers, we don’t fit in the standard hotel room with two beds so we have the debate to either squeeze into one room or get a bigger place/two rooms. If we’re staying a while, we’ll get a bigger place but for 2-3 nights we’ll squeeze in. In this case, we squeezed into a one room bungalow.

Sometimes there is a sofa bed in the room, sometimes we’ll request an extra bed – at the Thai Thai Sukhothai Resort we got a mattress on the floor – which surprisingly the kids all wanted to sleep in. Luckily we stayed three nights so they each got a turn. You can’t see it in the photo but there is a king size bed for the parents to the left of the mattress and a couch and table/chairs out on the porch.

The room was wood paneled and very clean. The bathroom is through the louvered doors at the end of the bed and was tiled green with a fancy decorated sink.

The breakfast room was open air, also all wood decor with good coffee and hot chocolate, toast and a small selection of western and Thai choices. The options didn’t stand a chance next to memories of the Phuket buffet but it was complimentary, freshly cooked and fueled our Adventures every morning.

And of course there was the pool which cooled and refreshed us in the afternoons. The elephant fountains were a particular hit as were the bikes we borrowed one night to go to dinner.

All this for about $60 per night – what a deal.

It was essentially a travel and laundry day. We got a van 5 hours south to Ayutthaya – the second capital of Thailand and home to another UNESCO Heritage site. We’ll be here for a couple of days trying to see how many ancient temple ruins we can stand before we see them in our sleep.

We spent the end of the day at the Happy Mix Wash & Dry hanging out with the locals. Clean clothes rule!

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