Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 1

This morning we said goodbye to our charming hotel in Sukhothai. With 5 Adventurers, we don’t fit in the standard hotel room with two beds so we have the debate to either squeeze into one room or get a bigger place/two rooms. If we’re staying a while, we’ll get a bigger place but for 2-3Continue reading “Ayutthaya, Thailand; Day 1”

Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 4

This afternoon was back-to-school for the 5 of us as we have enrolled in the Instituto Estelar Bilingüe to immerse ourselves in a new language. It’s five days a week for four hours a day this week and next – all in Spanish. This is our primary reason for staying in Liberia for two weeksContinue reading “Liberia, Costa Rica; Day 4”