Hurghada, Egypt; Day 1

We saw hot air ballons drifting over the Valley of the Kings this morning from our hotel roof. Watching them just after sunrise was better than being on them we’ve decided. We enjoyed our stay in this ancient river city but were also ready to move on to the Red Sea.

Early morning balloon watching

We hired a van to drive us 4 hours along the Nile and then through the desert – from the West Bank of Luxor to the East Coast of Egypt. We were surprised at the gorgeous terrain as we drove east – somehow we thought Egypt was flat. The mountains were beautiful with every hue of brown and red you can imagine.

Hurghada is Egypt’s second most famous Red Sea resort town. The first is Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai peninsula but coming here was logistically a lot easier. The fact it has a well reviewed Marriott Resort with a breakfast buffet clinched the deal.

We have a lovely view of the Red Sea and the many yachts moored off-shore. We arrived too late to visit the pool or beach but have plans to see them tomorrow.

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