Hurghada, Egypt; Day 2

Our first full day in Hurghada was a stay-at-the-resort day. It was our first day in a while with no place to be so last night we stayed up a little late for Family movie night. We watched the movie Holes which was a kids’ choice. We’d listened to the audiobook last week on the way to Abu Simbel so they were excited to see it come to life onscreen.

We slept late and got up to enjoy the breakfast buffet. It is good, but still doesn’t compete with the fond memories of the Phuket buffet. Perhaps it’s the lack of bacon. Eating all pork products is forbidden in Islam which tends to spill over to all the food – even into places that cater primarily to tourists. Trust us, beef bacon just isn’t the same.

After breakfast we wandered outside to check out the recreation options. We tried ping pong, shuffleboard and volleyball.

The kids then headed to the kids club for puzzles, building blocks and their specialty- make believe games on the play structure. The parents used their absense to sneak off for a leisurely poolside lunch.

Brian tried out the gym and then took a dip in the Sea and the pool. Both are a little chilly unfortunately – it’s still a bit early here for beach season. None of the Europeans and Russians seemed to mind that it wasn’t that warm but for these Californian Adventurers we decided to mostly stay out of the water and in the sunshine for today.

Meanwhile, Blue Bear got a new friend in the room.

The last activity of the day was a little dance party downstairs. CreeperKitty wasn’t interested but Suaram and CreeperPuppy joined the fun. All in all, not a bad way to spend the day.

Kids Mini Disco

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