Hurghada, Egypt; Day 4

Some days we have lots of cool, interesting Adventures to share. This is not one of those days. This was another resort day which started of course with the breakfast buffet.

After that, Brian hit the gym while the kids snuck in some tablet time and Tiffany did some research and trip planning for future adventures.

After a quick beachside lunch we; 1. Invented a new game that won’t ever be in the Olympics 2. Picked up a new hobby 3. Made some ice blocks 4. Solved a mystery (sort of).

The volleyball here is all-weather and overinflated so it is rock hard. Hitting it across the net is almost impossible for the kids without cracking a bone. The rubber kick ball we got yesterday seemed like a good substitute but it’s so light that the wind kept trying to carry it to sea. So instead we resorted a new game (without a name) that is played on a volleyball court and vaguely resembles keep-away.

It was the kids versus Mom and Dad. Teammates are on opposite sides of the net and have to throw the ball over the net to each other without the opponent getting it. There are no time limits and running around endlessly is allowed. We finally had to rule out tickling each other or it would have descended into total chaos. The best news is that neither parent got injured and the children got a decent amount of exercise.

CreeperKitty got some time with Mom’s phone and took some pictures of interesting things at the beach sand. And lots more sand. Here are a few samples.

Suaram and CreeperPuppy were the only ones to brave the chilly water of the Red Sea today. There are a couple sets of floating chairs tied up near the beach they wanted to try. The first set was too close to shore – they wanted a challenge. The second set was a little further out but once they got out there, they claimed to be stuck.

Turns out the water was ‘freezing’. They claimed if they had to get in it to get back to shore their legs would turn to ice. They walked back – clomping up to the towels with goosebumps galore and no more curiosity about those chairs.

Then we solved a mystery – mostly. It started a couple days ago. Our first resort day on Friday, we were approached several times by people who looked early twenties. They asked to join them in activities. Tiffany was approached for ‘stretching’, someone asked Brian if he wanted to play darts. Another offered to join our family volleyball game and later a woman invited us to play volleyball again. All these offers were pretty out of the blue.

It was a bit sketchy – they weren’t dressed like the hotel staff and didn’t look Egyptian so we concluded they don’t work here. Plus almost everywhere we’ve been in Egypt someone is trying to take advantage of tourists. Overcharging, saying ‘2 for 5’ and when you say ok they say ‘oh no, I meant 2 for 500’ and act like you agreed or offering a small gift or assistance and then aggressively seeking a payment. So we figured it was some sort of scam. Like they’d want to gamble on darts or expect a tip for stretching advice – who knows. They also all seemed to chat with each other like they were sharing ideas or something.

But then we saw two of them helping at the kids mini disco on Saturday night and they seemed friendly with the woman who’d been the Kids Club attendant. And we noticed the sign listing the activities for the day – some looked familiar. Stretching at 10:30, right around the time Tiffany was approached and volleyball in the afternoon. Hmm. So maybe they do work here.

But then – we see them eating the buffet breakfast just like we do, like other guests. So maybe they are guests?

We honestly don’t know what the deal is but they don’t seem to be scammers as far as we can tell. We’ve got three days left so maybe we’ll find out and completely solve the mystery.

There are lots of Russian and Ukrainian tourists stranded all over the world right now and Hurghada is very popular with that population – so maybe they are stuck and worked out a deal with the resort. Stranger things have happened. We will update you with details as they are revealed.

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