Hurghada, Egypt; Day 5

We enjoyed another resort day and found ways to create fun wherever we went. While Brian spent time in the gym exercising and strengthening his back (better every day!), the kids schooled Mom in the proper ways to use a tennis court.

All it takes is one wobbly inflated kickball worth 175 arcade tickets, an empty tennis court with bases in the corners and a creative bunch of kids and you can have a fun hour playing ‘Hurghada Homerun’.

It seems as though there was a minor conspiracy to ensure that Tiffany never got to be “up to bat” and was never successfully able to apply a tag in the field. The kids triumphed as expected.

The kids did get some tablet school logged this morning to get a mathematics lesson done. Later in the day when they took to the shuffleboard and the table tennis courts their score-keeping was sound.

Their afternoon ended with some swimming but they were not crazy about the temperature of this heated pool. It ranks pretty low on the 5 Adventurers’ International Pool Temperature Rankings. This image shows the Adventurers crowded along the wall of the pool where the heated water emerges.

The Kid’s Club has evening hours which is great. The kids can play under some supervision while the parents sneak out to enjoy a dinner date.

Hopefully the kids don’t read this blog entry as the parents picked up extra treats on this Monday.

Tartufo and Crème Brûlée

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