Warfare: Revenge of the Robot Zombie Warlords

By Suaram

In the city of Thingamabob, a portal opened and a bunch of robot zombies came out. They had three REALLY buff and powerful warlords.

“Ha ha ha,” they said. Now we shall take over the world!”

What the zombie warlords didn’t know was that the famous ninja Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese was right behind them, ready to aim a flying kick.


Wait, my mistake. Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese is now fighting the zombie warlords. Basically, a big zombie battle.

Alright, can’t watch this fight forever. Gotta go get a ham sandwich.


Ok, done with the sandwich. Now, back to Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese.

“Retreat!” Zombie Warlord Number One shouted.

Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese wouldn’t let that happen. He aimed a big flying kick and sent all the zombies back to the slimy sludge they came from.

Then everybody came out and cheered for Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese. He got a big trophy. But it was really a ham sandwich.

Yum. Maybe I’ll start practicing martial arts. THE END.

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