Warfare: Attack of the Facially Obsessed She-Skeletons

Hi! Welcome back to Thingamabob. Here’s a brand new story.

One time there was an evil villain who made a potion. He put it in a lady’s lipstick. A bunch of babes bought the lipstick. They turned into skeletons.

Now you know what’s coming. I’m going to call…

…the pizza place.

I’m kidding. I mean calling Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese. But seriously? Should I order a pizza?

Alright, fine. I won’t.

Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese plunged into battle and used his mega chainsaw to cut through a bunch of she-skeletons.

“Help!” shouted one. “I almost chipped a nail!”

Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese chainsawed through all the skeletons until there were two left named Tracy and Tiffany.

“You’ll never defeat us!” they said. They were cut short when Ninja McCrackers-and-Cheese defeated them.

DING-DONG! My pizza’s here!

What? Can’t narrate on an empty stomach, can you? THE END

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