Rota, Spain; Day 24

We had a few short drive Adventures today seeing some new areas of Andalucía. We dropped Tiffany off at the Chipiona post office to send a package to Cincinnati to Sister/Aunt/Grandma Tracy.

The kids and Brian went back to the nice park to ride their zip line and to wait for Tiffany to return. When she did she brought warm fresh bread which wasn’t more than 10 minutes out of the oven. It was super delicious, a great morning snack and only cost 1.40€ for two loaves. We’ve found this to be true all over Spain, the bread is fresh, delicious and very inexpensive.

Our goal today was to visit Sanlúcar de Barrameda to see the mouth of the Guadalquivir River. This key point is where the New World ship traffic off the Atlantic would go upriver to Seville. It was also the launching point for Magellan on his around the world journey over 500 years ago.

We walked along the beautiful and wide beach here and the kids played in the sand for awhile. This beach is just down the coast from Chipiona (and Rota) so it was short drives today.

After lunch we went into the marketplace and the city plazas and found some charming spots.

The kids found a fountain to trade coins for wishes. Then they talked about what they would like to see happen without actually reciting their wish, thereby protecting the fate of that wish.

We finished the day enjoying our last Friday night sunset here in Rota. It was lovely.

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