Bailly-Romainvilliers, France; Day 1

This morning we did our normal ‘packing up to go’ routine. Tiffany does a lot of the packing, Brian usually makes breakfast and cleans out the fridge/ cleans the kitchen. Today’s effort was sized to the kitchen – which in our little kitchen was not very big.

Cleaning a tiny kitchen – goodbye Paris

We traveled out of Paris today but less than an hour into the countryside of France. The town is quite small, less than 10,000 residents but it is home to one of our favorite types of stops for a break from sightseeing – that’s right, a Marriott resort.

The resort is one of the Vacation Clubs designed for long stays so has townhouses set up like a village. The staff even refer to it as your ‘house’.

Our house in the Le Verger neighborhood

When we arrived, the kids were focused on getting their weekly video game time so Brian and Tiffany took an opportunity to do more stereotypical French things. We got on bikes and rode from our ‘village’ to the next town to visit the market. Brian riding back with a baguette sticking out of his reusable sack seems as close to actual French as we’re likely to get.

Biking to the market

On the ride back we passed a remote sailboat outing. It was a nice day out on the water.

The remaining afternoon was spent at the pool enjoying the fountains and the sun.

Late in the day we were relaxing on our back patio by the pond and were visited by a nice neighbor family. They had six kids and stayed for a short visit before they moved on. We think they must live in the neighborhood- it was a nice welcome to end our first night.

Swan family visiting

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